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Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan is the month where people get a chance to attain spiritual purification. Million Muslim people celebrate this month to avail themselves of the peace of souls and do fasting for about 30 days. Ramadan fasting times start from dawn to dusk every year.

Ramadan provides golden opportunities to refresh your mind and soul. This month is the great month that brings humanity and purification of your soul. We all know that these days we have got busy schedules and do not find time to talk to Allah. Most people also skip their prayers. These make our soul disturbed, and it affects our body. Ramadan takes us out from the disturbing world, and people attain taqwa by fasting. The time of fasting begins from the sense of fear in us that someone believes is watching us. People are not allowed to break the rules.

Ramadan is the holy month. According to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the month where people do fasting. The Ramadan calendar mainly includes fasting times with Sehri time. Sehri's schedule is essential, and it is crucial to go with the proper timing. Though the timing of Sehri and Iftar is different for every country, and it depends on the location. But holds the same date. There are Ramadan calendars available in the market, which will give detailed information related to every specific timing for the month of Ramadan. You can easily search the timetable for any city in the world by searching on google as well.

Fasting is considered the pillar of Islam and allows Muslims to gain the spiritual blessing of Allah Almighty. In the Ramadan calendar, you can easily access the perfect timing to break your fast. The Ramadan calendar includes the Sehri time and iftar timetable of all counties.

Ramadan Calendar 2022

Ramadan Day April/May Suhur Duhur Asr Iftar Isha