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Name and religion are the first and foremost identities a person gets. It is not chosen but given to him or her by the parents. The name provides us with entitlement and a feeling of belonging. In every part of life, our name plays a vital role. With names, we start to introduce ourselves. The name becomes our first expression of identity. If the name is related to a specific religion, he or she feels like being part of a community.

This gives him or her power, safety, reputation, and so on. The Islamic names unite us with the population of Muslims around the world. Likewise, if we are given the names of God, we will feel blessed and will never forget God's grace. An individual's name, talk about their cultural heritage and family. These names will always keep a person within limits. The holy names will remind him or her of duties, obligations, and rules.

A child is the messenger of Allah. Giving your child an Islamic name is one of the fundamental duties you are obliged to Because it defines your child. Some hadiths say that the children should be named promptly on birth. Munzir bin Abu Usaid was named by prophet Noble, SallallahualaiheWasallam. Munzir's father took him to the noble prophet as soon as he was born. In some hadiths, there is a citation to this as “last night a son was born to me and I have named him Ibrahim after my grandfather Ibrahim.


It is disliked, which is also called (makrooh) to have names with bad or ugly meanings. They say it is because these will encourage others to make fun of the name. These names also happen to be against Allah's (The Almighty) command. In the end, on the day of resurrection, one must be called by their name or family name. For this, they must have names with a beautiful and positive meaning. There is an incident in Islam where the great prophet SallallahualaiheWasallam changed the name of Asiyah (daughter of Sayyidna Umar) to Jamilah. The name Asiyah meant disobedient, and the name Jamilah means beautiful. Many of the Arabic names come from the ninety- nine attributes of Allah listed in the great book, Qu’ran.
Examples of name rejected – Harb, which mean war Hiyaam, which means a disease
Examples of names preferred- Khadeeja

In the part of a hadith propagated by Ahmed and Abu Dawud, there are various citations related to the naming procedure after a prophet or companion or a righteous person. Prophet SallallahualaiheWasallam once said, "Call yourselves by the names of the prophet." Another instance was reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslims. It is "You may name with my name". The person with the prophet's name is believed to go to heaven. The mighty and the magnificent Allah calls out the prophet's name. They all will step forward and will be honored to join them. Joining the crew of the prophets, companions, and righteous is believed to be God's greatest blessing.

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