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Prophet Stories

As per the Muslim belief, Islam is the faith that has always existed. Islam was revealed to introduce the concept of humanity by numerous prophets who use to reveal Islam. Most Muslims consider the Prophet (saw) as the great Prophet as he taught the faith. After the revelation of Islam, the Prophet (saw) was the one who was made in the 7th century. One of the great Prophet, Muhammad (saw), was born in the city of the desert of Mecca, which is in Saudi Arabia at the period of 570.

He was the most homespun and spiritual man. He used to spend his time in meditation on Mount Hira. As a human, he was the most trustworthy person till now. No one can ever compare honesty and faith to Muhammed. He used to recite Allah. According to the traditional story of the Quran, it was revealed that at the time of 610 at night time, he was performing his worship in his cave. Later on, he visited with the help of angel Jibreel and passed the message of Allah to recite his names.

Who Was Muhammad(PBUH) ?

Muhammad was the great Prophet, and we can say the founder of Islam. During his early life, he believed in Allah and used to recite the name of Allah as a merchant. When he reaches the age of around 40 then he started to reveal the basis of the Quran from Allahband leads to the foundation of beautiful religion called 'Islam.' He stated that 'there is No God except Allah.' He used to be from a poor and respected family of the Quraysh tribe

Prophet Stories

Prophet Adam (a) and Habil and Qabil

Allah made the mountains and therefore the seas. He made all the animals. He made the heavens and therefore the stars. He made the sun and therefore the moon and he made the angels. The angels were like Allah's servants and did everything He ordered. Then Allah decided to form a person. He called this first man Adam. He taught him many things so that Adam had more knowledge than the angels. There was one Jinn, called Iblis and he thought he was better than Adam so Allah would not let him stick with the opposite angels. He was to be called 'Shaytan', the Devil. Shaytan blamed Adam for what had happened to him and was very angry. Allah let Adam sleep in a gorgeous place because he was good. The place was called Paradise. it had been a nice place, but Adam was a touch lonely, on his own all of the time. Allah decided to assist Adam. He made Hawa be Adam's wife. They were happy and liked living in Paradise. There was, however, one thing they were not allowed to try to do. There was a special tree and Allah had told them they need to not eat any fruit from that tree. initially, Adam and Hawa were excellent and kept far away from the tree. Shaytan decided to try something very naughty. He told them they were silly to stay far away from the tree. He said nothing would happen if they ate its fruit. He said the fruit was delicious and that they should try it. After a short time, they began to concentrate on Shaytan and thought they might have just a touch taste of the fruit, just to ascertain what it had been like. Shaytan was very happy because he had made them disobey Allah. As soon as that they had eaten the fruit, Adam and Hawa realized that they had been very naughty and that they felt guilty for what they had done. Allah forgave them But He wouldn't allow them to stay in Paradise any longer, So He sent them to measure on the earth.

Habil And Qabil

Adam had two sons called Habil and Qabil. Adam thought that Habil, the younger son, should take over after him. But Qabil did not like this concept and was very jealous. To settle the argument Adam thought of a thought. He told his sons to consider a gift to offer to Allah and to go away from it on top of a particular hill. The one whose present Allah accepted, would win the argument. Allah chose Habil's present because Habil had taken tons of your time and trouble to settle on his present. Qabil was very upset and angry. He was so angry that he killed his brother. Afterward, when he realized what he had done, he cried and cried but it had been too late to be sorry.

Prophet Hud (a)

A long time ago, an excellent tribe lived within the South of Arabia. They were called Ad. They were very clever and will do many things. They used the mountains for his or her homes. They carved out great mansions with wonderful pillars. They called their city Iram. it had been very famous. As time went on, the people of Ad thought more about themselves and fewer about Allah. They thought they did not need Allah, because that they had a lot of money and power. They thought they were being clever but really they were foolish. soon they turned to bad ways. Gangs of them want to rob and kill people traveling by. There was still one good man among them. His name was Hud. He did not belong to any of the gangs. He did not accept as true with the items they did. He tried to inform them to prevent their bad ways and told them to follow Allah's ways. Hud said Allah would punish the bad ones but most of the people still would not listen. They thought they were cleverer than the messenger of Allah. Allah told Hud to require all the great people into an enormous cave near the town. The very next day a terrible tornado came and only the great ones, those who had listened, were saved.

Prophet Salih (a)

The people of Thamud lived during a valley called al-Hajr within the north of Arabia. it had been an honest land, so everything grew very easily. Cattle and sheep grazed on the land. Everyone had many everything. When people have tons they often forget who provides everything, they often forget Allah. When this happens, Allah sends a messenger or a prophet to undertake to assist the people. To the people of Thamud, Allah sent Salih. Salih told the people to recollect Allah but tons of individuals just laughed at him and would not listen. He did not hand it over. He still tried to influence them to worship Allah and shortly people began to concentrate. They realized Salih was right. The leaders of Thamud were upset by this. They did not want people to concentrate on Salih. They did not believe Salih was sent by Allah. They wanted him to prove it, they wanted a symbol. They told Salih to bring them a camel, but it had to be a special camel. Salih prayed to Allah and Allah sent the special camel. The camel gave lots and much milk, so all the poor people had enough to drink, and that they were very happy. The leaders of Thamud became angry again to ascertain Salih and his followers so happy. They decided to kill the camel. Salih told them that Allah would punish them. Salih took all the great people faraway from the valley. A terrible earthquake came and destroyed the valley and every one the bad people. If that they had listened to Salih they might are saved.

Prophet Ibrahim (a)

Many years ago a boy called Ibrahim lived in Canaan. he was very clever and was always asking questions. Most of the people he knew worshipped idols but Ibrahim didn't. The people had forgotten the messages that Adam, Hud, Nuh, and Salih had brought them. rather than praising Allah, they worshipped statues. Ibrahim told his father he didn't think people should worship objects t hey had made themselves. His father was angry and told him to not say anything about the gods again. Ibrahim decided he must show the people they were wrong so he thought of an idea. One night he sneaked into the place where all the statues were kept. With an axe he chopped off the heads from about one among the statues. the most important one he left. the subsequent morning the people were very angry and upset at what had happened. They were sure Ibrahim had done it. They gathered within the public square and asked him if he had done it. Ibrahim told them to ask their big idol if he knew who was responsible. But, of course, the statue couldn't speak and therefore the people knew it had been only stone. Ibrahim shouted at them and asked how they might worship lumps of stone. The bad people were even more angry. They began to collect wood for a fireplace. They were getting to burn Ibrahim to death. They made an enormous bonfire and put Ibrahim on the highest. Everyone came to observe. They lit the wood. the hearth burned, the flames grew higher and better. The people had to retreat from the warmth of the flames. Ibrahim was an honest person. He believed in Allah. Allah would protect him. Allah wouldn't let the hearth harm him. When the flames dies down the people couldn't believe their eyes. They saw that Ibrahim was alive and therefore the flames had not harmed him in the least. How had this happened? all of them knew this was an excellent miracle and that they fell to their knees. this excellent thing had made them believe Allah. Some people would still not listen. They thought Ibrahim was just a magician Nimrod, the king of Canaan, heard all about Ibrahim. He wanted to speak to him. He asked Ibrahim about Allah. Ibrahim told him that Allah could do all things. He could give life and death. Nimrod said that he too could do this. His soldiers brought two men in. Nimrod ordered one to be killed and therefore the other to be saved. Nimrod thought that this made him like Allah. Ibrahim told him that Allah brings the sun every morning from the East. He asked Nimrod if he could bring the sun from the west the next day, of course, Nimrod was unable to try that.

Prophet Ibrahim (a) II

Ibrahim married a woman called Sarah. They lived very happily in Palestine. They worked and had many everything. Ibrahim became very wealthy, but he was an honest man. He always helped people too. After a few years, Ibrahim and Sarah still had no children. This made them very sad. They both wanted a toddler to share their life with. Sarah told Ibrahim that he should marry her servant Hajar too in order that Ibrahim and Hajar could make a toddler together.

Prophet Ismail (a)

After a short time, Ibrahim did marry Hajar, and she or he had a son. They called him Ismail. They were all very happy. Ibrahim, Hajar and Ismail moved to a valley in Arabia. They settled during a good place with hills and mountains on all sides to guard them. After a short time, Ibrahim said that he should return to ascertain Sarah and to urge more food and water. Before he left he prayed to Allah to seem after his wife and son because they didn't have much food and water left. The food and water soon began to run short. Hajar was very worried. What could they live on? They prayed to Allah. Hajar visited the highest of the mountain, Mount Safa, to seem for Ibrahim. Now their water was all gone and that they were desperate. She visited the opposite side of the valley and climbed to the highest of Mount Marwa. She looked towards the North, East, West and South for help but found none. Hajar kept running backwards and forwards between Mount Safa and Mount Marwa. She did this seven times. Suddenly she saw Ismail kick the bottom together with his heel. A spring of water gushed out - beautiful, pure water, they were saved. Even today this water, called Zamzam, still flows within the Valley of Hijaz and when people attend Makkah on Hajj they are going seven times between the 2 mounts in memory of this miracle that saved the lives of Hajar and Ismail. When Ibrahim returned he was amazed to ascertain the valley. The water had made the place very fertile. All the animals and caravans visited and made it a prosperous place.

The Sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (a)

One night Ibrahim had a nasty dream. He dreamt Allah told him to sacrifice Ismail. Ibrahim thought it had been Shaytan playing nasty tricks on him. The subsequent night Ibrahim had an equivalent horrid dream. Ibrahim knew that Allah would only ask him to try such a thing if he had good reason. albeit he loved his son dearly, he was prepared to try to do this difficult thing for Allah. Ibrahim told Ismail that they had to travel to Mount Arafat. He took a knife and a rope with him. On the way, they passed an area called Mina. The devil, Shaytan, came to Ibrahim and tried to speak him out of sacrificing his son. Ibrahim turned his back on him and wouldn't listen. once they reached Mount Arafat, Ibrahim told Ismail what Allah wanted him to try to do. Ismail listened and accepted what was to happen. He was an exceptional child. He too was an excellent prophet. Ismail told his father to tie his hands and legs and blindfold himself so he wouldn't struggle and make his father even more upset than he was getting to be and Ibrahim was blindfolded so he wouldn't see his son suffer. Ibrahim did as Ismail had said. He then took the knife and did what Allah had told him to try to do. When he took the blindfold from his eyes he looked down, not at his son but at a dead ram. Ismail was at his side. Ibrahim was afraid. He thought he had disobeyed on the other hand he heard a voice telling him to not worry. Allah takes care of his followers. Ibrahim and Ismail had passed a difficult test. Each year, during the month of Dhul Hijjah, many Muslims, from everywhere on the planet, visit Makkah. they need to recollect what Ibrahim and Ismail did. within the month of Dhul Hijjah, these pilgrims attend Makkah, Mina, and Arafat. They visit places where Ibrahim and Ismail lived and preached. they provide a sacrifice even as Allah commanded Ibrahim to try to. The pilgrims sacrifice animals in memory of the deed. We must obey Allah's commands as Ibrahim and Ismail did. We obey by doing the items we all know are right, praying, obeying our parents, and always telling the reality.

Prophet Ibrahim (a) & Prophet Ishaq (a)

The Well of Zamzam where water first flowed to save lots of the lives of Hajar and Ismail, became a well-liked place for the caravans to prevent. Some people liked the place much a lot they decided to remain there. This place became referred to as Makkah. at some point, Ibrahim had a message from Allah. He and Ismail were to create an area for people to wish. They were to create an altar, it had been to be referred to as the Ka'aba. The angel Jibrail brought the message saying that the Ka'aba should be built near the Well of Zamzam, the foremost sacred place on earth. the inspiration stone for the Ka'aba was to return from heaven. it's found today during a corner of the Ka'aba and is understood because of the black stone. When Ibrahim was building the Ka'aba he was standing on an outsized rock. Allah softened the rock and therefore the shape of Ibrahim's bare feet was left in it. it's still there, for all to ascertain. When Ibrahim was very old the angels came to ascertain him and said Allah was getting to provide a son to him and Sarah. Sarah couldn't believe it had been true. She too was old. The angels said that each thing is possible to Allah. They said the son was to be called Ishaq. He was to be a prophet. surely, Sarah did have a son, and that they called him Ishaq. he grew up to be an excellent prophet. Ishaq married a woman called Rebecca. that they had two sons, called Esau and Yaqub. Yaqub became an excellent prophet. Yaqub grew up and married Zia and that they had many children, both boys, and girls. His second wife Rohsie had two sons, Yusuf and Benjamin. Yusuf and Benjamin were excellent, obedient sons, and that they became Yaqub's favorites due to their good behavior. Yusuf too grew up to be a prophet. All of those great prophets were descendants of Ibrahim. he's referred to as the daddy of all the prophets. Muhammad, our great and beloved prophet, the last of all the prophets was a descendant of Ismail.

Prophet Yaqub (a) & Prophet Yusuf (a)

Yaqub was also referred to as Israel. Israel's children could see that Yusuf was their father's favorite. This made them very jealous. They became so jealous, a number of them actually wanted to kill him. The jealous brothers finally decided to throw Yusuf into a deep well. They visited Israel, their father, to ask if they might take Yusuf out with them; they said they might teach him to be an honest shepherd. Israel wouldn't let Yusuf go because he thought the others were getting to do something bad. at some point Yusuf visited Israel and said that he had had a weird dream. within the dream, Yusuf had seen the sun, the moon, and eleven stars bowing right down to him! Israel felt that the dream had a message, Yusuf was getting to have an excellent future. He told Yusuf to not tell his brothers about the dream. Israel's son was still thinking of their decision to kill Yusuf. They pestered Israel to allow them to take Yusuf with them to their work. eventually, Israel agreed, but he made them promise to seem after him. They were so bad they knew they might break their promise. At the top of the day, they asked Yusuf to require off his shirt. They killed a sheep and put blood everywhere on Yusuf's shirt; then they threw Yusuf into a well. They went home and showed the shirt to Israel. Pretending to be very upset; they told their father that Yusuf had got left behind and a wolf had eaten him! Israel was very upset but he didn't believe the story. He knew that at some point Allah would bring Yusuf back to him. Poor Yusuf spent the night within the well. the subsequent morning, when someone put the bucket down the well to urge water, he sat within the bucket. the person had to urge help to tug the bucket up. He was very surprised to ascertain a boy in it. the person was a merchant. The merchant decided to require Yusuf with him to Egypt and to sell him as a slave. once they arrived in Egypt, one among the noble families bought Yusuf. the person who bought him told his wife that they ought to look out of him, as he was a good-looking child and that they had no children of their own. Yusuf became one among the family.

Prophet Yusuf (a)

The Pharaoh of Egypt called Firawn had many of us working for him. one among his assistants had a really wicked wife who said many things about Yusuf that were quite untrue. She thought she loved him but he told her that she should honor her husband. She became very angry and persuaded her husband to possess Yusuf put him in prison. While he was in prison, Yusuf wont to tell everyone what their dreams meant, and his explanation of the dreams always come true. Allah had given Yusuf this great gift. Firawn kept having a weird dream and none of his wise men could explain what it meant. Then Firawn heard of Yusuf's great gift and sent it for him. Yusuf wouldn't leave the prison until he had proven his innocence. Firawn had an inquiry and discovered that Yusuf really was innocent, so he was ready to leave prison. Firawn's dream was most unusual. In it, he saw seven skinny cows eat seven big fat ones and there have been seven skinny ears of wheat and 7 fat ears of wheat. Yusuf explained that this meant there would be seven years of plenty but seven years of famine would follow when there would be no water and no food for anyone. then there would be a year of rain. Firawn liked and trusted Yusuf so he put him responsible for all the shophouses within the land. Yusuf had worked himself up to a really powerful position. Allah always rewards good people. Yusuf worked hard; he made sure the shophouses were crammed with wheat and grain. even as he had said, there have been seven years of plenty. Those years passed very quickly. Soon the seven years of famine came. The crops failed. People were hungry. Others were starving. Yusuf had planned for this. He opened his stores and let everyone have wheat. Back in Palestine, Israel too was facing a tough time with no food for his family or the animals. He sent his sons to Egypt to urge grain from the famous treasurer of Egypt. once they arrived they were told that they need to get permission from the governor to shop for grain. They visited to see him but didn't realize that the fine man, in splendid robes was really their brother. He told them they might have some grain, but if they wanted any longer, they might need to accompany their youngest brother and fogeys. Yusuf had recognized them immediately and he longed to ascertain his father, mother, and young brother Benjamin again. Eventually, the eleven brothers returned with their mother and father. They loaded down before Yusuf. Yusuf put his father on his throne and reminded him of the dream he had had goodbye ago. The sun, the moon, and eleven stars had loaded down before him even as his father, mother, and brothers had done at this meeting, This was an excellent moment in his life and he thanked Allah, for all He had finished him.

Prophet Shu'ayb (a)

The Prophet Shu'ayb was a descendent of the Prophet Ibrahim. He was sent to Midian and therefore the Dwellers of the wood to offer them Allah's message. The Midianite people committed many sins. They gave short measures and weights, they robbed people and caused mischief but most seriously they tried to prevent people from worshipping Allah. Shu'ayb tried to form them change but they might not hear him. They wanted to throw him out and every one of the people that had listened to his words. Then Allah sent an earthquake and every one of the evil people was destroyed because they might not obey the word of Allah.

Prophet Yunus (a)

The prophet Yunus was sent to Ninevah. He became referred to as the Lord of the Fish (Dhan-Nun). He warned the people about their evil ways and told them to follow Allah but they might not listen. Yunus was so angry he left. He sailed away but the ship was so full and heavy, poor Yunus was thrown overboard. He was swallowed by a huge fish and he lived in its belly for 3 days. Then the fish spewed him out on a shore. He was very ill but Allah was protecting him. A plant grew and its leaves protected Yunus from the sun and kept the flies away. A goat provided him with milk. When he became better he went back to Ninevah and gave the people Allah's message another time. At this point, the people listened and Allah forgave them.

Prophet Ayyub (a)

The Prophet Ayyub had been a man of means. He was a really good man but he lost his family and his wealth. He became ill and had terrible sores everywhere on his body. However, he never gave up. He spent his time praying. He was very patient and always kept his faith in Allah. Eventually, Allah showed mercy. He told Ayyub to strike the world together with his foot and miraculously a fountain appeared. He drank the water and used it to scrub his body. All his sores were healed and everything was returned to him as before. Allah had rewarded him for keeping his faith despite the terrible afflictions he had tested him with.

Prophet Musa (a)

Israel's family decided to remain in Egypt. For an extended time, they were happy. The family grew. there have been many of us associated with Israel and that they became referred to as the Bani Israel. for a few reasons the Egyptian people didn't just like the Bani Israel. a replacement Firawn became ruler of Egypt. Israel's people became slaves to the govt. They were forced to try too many unpleasant jobs and were treated very badly. One night Firawn had a dream. His high priest, Haman, told him what he thought the dream meant. An Israeli boy would change state and he would get older and cause the death of Firawn. This made Firawn very angry then he thought of a horrible plan. All the boys born to the Israelites would be killed at birth. He thought this is able to stop the dream from coming true. Imran and his wife had two children, a woman called Maryam and a boy called Iram. Soon after Firawn told of his plan, Imran's wife acknowledged that she was getting to have another baby. They were pleased but they were also worried that if the baby was a boy, he would be killed. She didn't tell anyone that she was getting to have a baby. She stayed reception and kept her secret until the baby was born. it had been a boy. She loved the baby considerably but realized that if she kept him, he could be killed. She put the baby in a special box and Maryam went together with her to the river Nile. They carefully put the box up the river and prayed that it might sail to safety. Allah was watching over the baby. No harm would come to him. The box sailed into Firawn's gardens. Some maids were there and saw the box caught within the bullrushes. They pulled it out and were amazed to seek out a gorgeous baby inside. They took him to Firawn's wife, Asia, who checked out him and knew directly that he was an Israeli. Firawn wanted to kill the baby but Asia cried and cried and was so upset that eventually, he said she could keep him and even adopt him. The baby was called Musa. He wasn't happy. He cried because he was hungry but wouldn't take milk from anyone. Maryam heard of this and she or he let it's known that she knew someone who could be ready to help. She visited her mother and told her what had happened. They visited the palace and when Musa was put in her arms he stopped crying and took milk from her. With Allah's help, Musa and his mother were reunited. She was ready to take care of Musa for an extended time and he loved her dearly.