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Muslims believe Ramadan marks he first revelation of Muhammed. Islam mandates all healthy muslims to commemorate the festival. It is a time of fasting, which symbolizes self sacrifice and devoutness.



If you are Muslim, then you must know the holy month of Ramadan. Do you have fears about that keeping? Will fasting in the month of Ramadan be harmful to your health? Well, most people think that keeping fast will make them weaker. But that is not the actual case. There are several benefits of keeping fast in the month of Ramadan. Mainly the month of Ramadan is the month of keeping fast. In this month, Muslim people keep from before sunrise till sunset. This month is considered the most effective and valuable month where people reflect their true self. People are not allowed to avoid fasting if they are fit and above 13 to 14 years. If someone has any health issues, then they are allowed not to keep fast. Mainly fasting is not enforceable for people. Those who can keep fast are encouraged.

Why is it important?

The holiest weeks of Ramadan 2022 represent the mostpropitious time of the current year and happens to beremarkedwith a completepassionin accordance with the Muslim populationthroughout the world. Ramazan is considered to be the ninth lunar of the Islamic schedule anddropsfollowing the completion of Shaban month. Throughout the 29-30 days of Ramadan, Muslims around the worldare spending their timeabstaining, hoping, handing back to the local community, andintrospecting. The current year, the calendar month of Ramadan will commence after April 2, 2022, thoughthe relevant datesmay differ from time to timein accordance with theMoon observation.

In accordance with the teachings in Islam, Ramadan retainsgreater significancebecause this is the firstmoment when Allah SWT (God) turned out to be the Quran (The sacred book of Muslims) to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Taking into accountabstainingthroughout this monthis thought to be one of those five pillars of Islam. Following five pillars of Islam are Shahada (profession of belief), Salat (Prayer), Zakat (Charity), Sawm (Abstaining), and Hajj (Trip).Ramadan will begin in the evening of 2nd April, 2022, and ends in the evening of 1st May, 2022.


What are Fidya and Kaffarah?


Fidya exists a required reward that needs to be paid if you are not able to fast throughout the sacred month of Ramadan. Fidyais scheduled to take placeif you are not able to successfully finish a fast because of a legitimate reason, for example, health conditions, pregnancy, nursing mothers, as well as journeys. It charges £4 for every missed fast, which is equivalent to supply in gone individual along with two snacksfor at least one whole day or two persons with one meal to each. If you are not able tofast for the entire duration of Ramadan, but thenthe aggregate amount Fidya you will have to pay is £120.



Kaffarah exists a mandatory punishment that should be reimbursed for intentionally missing a fast throughout the sacred month of Ramadan without reasonable cause. If you intentionally miss or interrupt your fast, you happen to be responsible for payingKaffarah, and you need to make this up through each fasting meant for 60 uninterruptedperiodsor else bysupplying 60 individuals in need. This will be present at the regular Fidya amount per individual of £4, which makes the complete Kaffarah for a damaged or intentionally skipped fast as £240.

Benefits of Ramadan fasting:

Do you also think that fasting can harm your health? Though it is quite normal to think like that. But you will find surprising benefits of Ramadan and fasting. Ramadan shows a long-term positive impact on health.

• By fasting, it helps to enhance the power of your brain. Fasting increases the spiritual focus and enables mental comfort. This helps to increase the brain and memory power as well.

• As per the studies, it was revealed that by fasting, your body produces more brain cells to enhance the functions.

• Fasting helps to lower cholesterol levels. You will see a lot of healthy changes in Ramadan.

• Ramadan helps to increase the metabolism efficiency of your body. Fasting is a great way to enhance metabolism efficiency and contributes to better absorption of nutrition.